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This blog is about my trek in Lapland; from Kautokeino in Norway to Kilpisjärvi in Finland. I'll be there from September 11th to 26th, 2005.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Helsinki

It's Tuesday morning, and I have woken up in Helsinki. We used yesterday to travel through Finland - this time using motor power. After checking out from our lodges in Kilpisjärvi we visited the Information center. Then was time to step into our bus and drive to Kittilä. After a couple of stops - one at a husky dog farm - we arrived there, and we had to say farewell to Barbara, our great guide.
After flying to Helsinki we arrived at our hotel. Now I had the chance to act as a guide, and I took us to a really finnish restaurant Zetor. There we had a beer and sat the last evening together.
Today we will use to see around Helsinki and to buy some "Halti" outdoor gear. :-)

Monday, September 26, 2005

We have arrived!

We have arrived in Kilpisjärvi - and mobiles work again. The trek has been great, and the weather has favoured us. It has been just fabulous! More after I get a new battery to my communicator.

Monday, September 12, 2005

It's about to begin

Well, I had not read the travel information too carefully. We spent this day here in Kautokeino; doing shopping, sharing the proviant and tents and packing it all. We did have time to visit the Juhl's place; mostly a jewelry but a kind of museum, too. Very nice.
The afternoon was rainy. We all hope it will nevertheless be clear tomorrow. We'll start at 8:00, and have about 19km ahead of us.
I heard our mobile phones would not work for about ten days after we leave here. So, this will probably be my last posting before the 23:rd.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Flying to Lapland

Today it's time to fly to Lapland. I've been here in Helsinki since Wednesday meeting my family and friends - who have taken good care of me, thank you guys! -, as well as making the last preparations for the trek. I've bought some maps from the trek area, and I found a new light soft shell jacket to be worn on the warmer days.

We are going to fly to Kittilä, from where we drive with a bus to Kautokeino in Norway. There we will stay overnight in a motel. Monday morning we buy the food for fortnight trek, share the tents and other gear. And then we should be ready to take off - Go west, young men! ;-)

The weather should be quite good for the next days, albeit with occasional showers. We will see how it comes.

Kautokeino, here we come!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The batteries for the Motorola did arrive, those for my camera did not. I guess I have to consider carefully, what I want to photograf during the trek. :-(

The backpack is really full. I'll have to consider in Finland, if I could leave something behind before the trek.

Countdown: four days till the trek begins. In 30 Minutes I'll be off to the airport. The weather is great here, as well as in Helsinki. Here I come!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Getting along without a power outlet

Most of the gear one takes with to a trekking is quite traditional, but the materials are nowadays often not the same as our fathers had. Fleece and softshell have taken the place of wool and cotton.

Now I'm writing about a new class of gadgets: electronic devices that need electricity! Digital camera, mobile phone, PDA and GPS are examples of those. I'm going to have a camera and a smartphone with me on the trek. So I must take care of having power for those devices.

My camera is a Konica Minolta A2, which uses a rechargeable battery instead of normal batteries. The same with my smartphone Motorola A780, as well as with the Garmin Forerunner 301, a heart monitor with GPS.

Two weeks in wilderness without a power outlet does mean a problem for someone with beformentioned gadgets! I thought of taking a solarpanel with me, and ordered one. The most suitable seemed to be the PowerFlex 5, which has pretty large panels.

My friends were suspicious and recommended me using resources availabe in Lapland, such as windmill, or putting a reindeer running in a wheel. I thanked heartily, but found these suggestions somewhat unpractical...

I got the solarpanel last week and tested it by a hike on the Alps, Soierngruppe in Karwendel near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Well, the test yielded a clear result: the solarpanel was not able to produce such a current, which would habe been recognized from my gadgets. Nil. None.

What could I do now? It seemed to me, the only solution left was buying many spare batteries. Luckily I found pretty cheap ones in eBay, and ordered them.

That was last week. Now it's monday evening, and the batteries are not there. I'll fly Wednesday morning. Let's say, I would be very glad, if those batteries arrive on Tuesday! Two separate packages...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Voila, Moblogging rocks!

I'm writing this post with my Motorola A780, as proof that I'll be able to moblog from Lapland. As You can see, it works - at least from my home...

Countdown: seven days till the start of the trek!

Blogging via eMail is crucial...

And this post is created that way. If this functions flawlessly, I can test it from my Motorola A780, which I'm going to use during the trek in Lapland.

Unfortunately blogger.com does not support posting pictures within emails. :-( That means, I'll be able to publish my pictures only after the trek, when I'm back at my laptop.

The Beginning of a Blog

Let's face it: no one can everything from start on. So it's with blogging, too. Even for me. :-) I assume I'll get the grips in a while, but the beginning can be somewhat amateurish - which is, after all - the right assumption!

This blog is about my trek in Lapland; from Kautokeino in Norway to Kilpisjärvi in Finland. I'll be there from September 11th to 26th, 2005.

Now I'm off to check which modifications I should do to the default settings in Blogger.

A couple of hours later: I have added some features, such as Atom-feed.

This Blog will be written in english, although the most readers will be either Finnish or German speaking. I think, (almost) every of my guests can English, and this way I can serve occasional readers the best way.