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This blog is about my trek in Lapland; from Kautokeino in Norway to Kilpisjärvi in Finland. I'll be there from September 11th to 26th, 2005.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Flying to Lapland

Today it's time to fly to Lapland. I've been here in Helsinki since Wednesday meeting my family and friends - who have taken good care of me, thank you guys! -, as well as making the last preparations for the trek. I've bought some maps from the trek area, and I found a new light soft shell jacket to be worn on the warmer days.

We are going to fly to Kittilä, from where we drive with a bus to Kautokeino in Norway. There we will stay overnight in a motel. Monday morning we buy the food for fortnight trek, share the tents and other gear. And then we should be ready to take off - Go west, young men! ;-)

The weather should be quite good for the next days, albeit with occasional showers. We will see how it comes.

Kautokeino, here we come!


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